Type 2 Gynecomastia - Rounded Chest

Definitiongynecomastia surgery in surat

Breast tissue - extends over pectoralis muscle border

Nipple position - at or above pectoralis border
Chest fold shape - tight skin, rounded chest fold

Most common demographic: 16 - 35 years old, frustrated young adults.

Type 2 usually occurs during the teenage years during puberty. It is advisable to wait at least a couple of years to see if the excess breast volume will go away on its own. However, if the problem persists for more than 2 years it is likely that the gynecomastia is permanent leaving surgery as the only option for treatment. Type 2 individuals are usually told their gynecomastia will eventually go away and that it's not that bad. They may hear from family or significant others that it's fine and looks normal. The skin during this age range is typically tight and helps to minimize the appearance of the problem. For these reasons, avoidance of the issue is common, however over time frustration builds up because it hasn't improved or is starting to look worse with age. Diet and exercise doesn’t get rid of the gynecomastia, resulting in working out, staying in shape and wearing stylish, fitted clothing less important.

Treating Type 2 early prevents the inevitable skin relation that occurs with aging turning Type 2 into Type 3 then 4. Early treatment involves a smaller incision limited to just the areola. Results are predictably excellent because of the tight skin at a younger age.

Surgery Information

Anesthesia: Typically performed under local anesthesia in the office, however general anesthesia is available as well.  

Cost: Average cost under local anesthesia is $6,500 - $6,900.  Cost will vary if combined w/ other procedures or performed under general anesthesia. 

Recovery: 2 days for sedentary work, 4-6 weeks if job requires heavy labor.