Type 3 Gynecomastia - Slight Breast Roll

Definitiongynecomastia surgery in surat

Breast tissue - extends over chest fold

Nipple position - 0 to 2 cm. below chest fold

Chest fold shape - moderate skin excess - horizontal chest fold (not rounded)

Most common demographic: 25 - 60 years old, single, married or married with children.

Type 3 men encompass those who are single, married, or married with children. It is common for Type 3’s to avoid taking off their shirt in public. Relationships may be inhibited due to the insecurity and embarrassment of the condition.

Single men have to "compete" in a body centric single's world with limited clothing options. Working out can be challenging, because it can accentuate the gynecomastia, which has added psychologic impact.

Men who are married or have a significant other are usually uncomfortable taking off their shirt or wearing fitted shirts in front of their loved one. Young fathers are uncomfortable doing shirtless activities with their children such as pool, beach and water park. Working out seems pointless which is difficult to deal with.

The biggest difference between Type 2 and Type 3 is in the skin tightness. With aging the skin loses it's elasticity. Type 3 has moderate skin laxity that prevents the skin from "compressing" the breast tissue against the pec. muscle as well as allows the nipple to drop below the pec. border. This skin laxity is most evident when sitting or shoulders are hunched forward with elbows on the knees.

Surgery Information

Anesthesia: Typically performed under local anesthesia in the office, however general anesthesia is available as well.  

Cost: Average cost under local anesthesia is $6,900 - $7,500. Cost will vary if combined w/ other procedures or performed under general anesthesia. 

Recovery: 2 - 3 days for sedentary work, 4-6 weeks if job requires heavy labor.