Type 4 Gynecomastia - Moderate Breast Roll


Definitiongynecomastia surgery in surat

Breast tissue - extends into the axilla (armpit area)

Nipple position - > 2 cm below the chest fold

Chest fold shape - significant skin excess - creates a small breast roll

Most common demographic: 40 - 60 years old, aging male, married or married with children.

Earlier in life, gynecomastia may not have been a significant concern, however, now it seems to rapidly be getting worse. This is due to the aging process and the skin losing its laxity. The skin is no longer tight enough to hold back the breast tissue. Increased chest volume and chest fold rounding is a real problem. While the primary factor is skin laxity due to aging, weight gain, a decrease in exercise, hormones in food can be contributors as well.

Clothes shopping and going shirtless is more frustrating than ever before. Fitted clothing is no longer an option. Body mannerisms change around other people to make sure the breasts aren't noticeable - no sitting forward, standing with hands on the hips, pulling your shirt away from your body, etc.

Married men who were OK with their gynecomastia in front of their significant other are now becoming more self-conscious. Men with children are increasingly frustrated about not participating in activities with their children due to embarrassment.

Surgery Information

Anesthesia: Varies. Local anesthesia in the office or general anesthesia performed at an accredited outpatient facility.  

Cost: Average cost $6,900 - $9,500 depending on whether surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia. Cost will also increase if combined w/ other procedures. 

Recovery: 2 - 3 days for sedentary work, 4-6 weeks if job requires heavy labor.