Type 6 Gynecomastia - Breast Roll with Back Roll



Breast tissue - extends into the armpit and around the back

Nipple position - > 2 cm below the chest fold

Chest fold shape - significant skin excess, breast roll extends around to the back, severe breast sag, no definition.

Most common demographic - no defined age group, history of obesity, massive weight loss

Type 6 gynecomastia patients are typically those who have suffered with pain not imaginable by those not affected by the condition. They have gone from suffering with obesity to the frightening realization that after weight loss they are still trapped in almost a foreign body that simply hangs on them. This extreme skin sag is often more depressing than being overweight, because at least there seemed to be a way out. Clothing is extremely limited and it is common to wear over-sized hanging shirts to minimize attention; often in conjunction with compression garments. High blood pressure, diabetes, and depression are just a few of the issues common to Type 6.

Treatment is complex and requires considerable surgeon experience to achieve the best result with the least amount of surgery.

Surgery Information

Anesthesia: Typically performed under general anesthesia.

Cost: Determined case by case. Variable factors will determine cost.

Recovery:   3 - 4 days for sedentary work, 4-6 weeks if job requires heavy labor.