Why Elegance

Why choose Elegance clinic for treatment of gynecomastia

  • It is a clinic run successfully by Surat’s leading cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Ashutosh Shah. He is a Board Certified Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon.
  • It is ISO 9001: 2008 certified cosmetic clinic and all standard criteria for patients' betterment are followed here strictly
  • Dr. Ashutosh Shah is well trained in all type of cosmetic surgery
  • He has done more than 500 gynecomastia in his career
  • Ours is a day care procedure. You don’t need to get admitted to hospital
  • You can join your duty on 2nd or 3rd day.
  • Very minimal disturbance to your lifestyle occurs post op
  • Follow up visits are also infrequent and painless
  • Dr. Ashutosh Shah has amazingly natural results for gynecomastia
  • The operation theatre here is well equipped for all types of operation and can handle any kind of emergencies
  • The environment of the clinic is soothing and comfortable for all type of patients
  • The secrecy of patients is maintained securely
  • The consultation here will clear all your doubts and well explained with videos
  • The staff here is well behaved and capable for their work.
  • The staff and Dr. Ashutosh himself are approachable and ready to help all the time 

Comparison: Traditional Gynecomastia Surgery Vs.Surgery at Elegance Gynecomastia 

Comparison Point Traditional Gynecomastia Surgery ELEGANCE Gynecomastia approach
1. Anesthesia General anesthesia where you become fully unconscious and feel sedated even 4 hrs after surgery with lots of possible side effects of drugs used in general anesthesia spontaneous General anesthesia using newer methods of airways and newer variety of drugs or local anesthesia. so postop period is smooth and early discharge to home is possible without side effects of intubation.
2. Hospital admission In traditional approach minimum 24 hrs - 48 hrs. In traditional surgery chance of bleeding are about 30 % - 40 % so the patient is discharged only when he is completely out of danger of bleeding. To ensure this Normally drain pipes are inserted which are removed after 2 - 5 days of surgery AT ELEGANCE we have safety protocols. Our approach has very low chances of bleeding. We don't insert any drain pipes like normal surgeons but we do call our patient after 48 hrs of surgery for a routine checkup. We allow u activity even during the first 48 hrs with no bed rest instructions. Leave clinic for your home 5 - 6 hours after surgery
3. Doctors qualification Generally General surgeon do it in normal hospitals Highly qualified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Ashutosh do it for you at ELEGANCE
4. Recovery Period In the traditional approach, recovery takes minimum 5 - 7 days to resume office Resume your office within 36 - 48 hrs of surgery after being operated at ELEGANCE
5. Bed rest Usually minimum 3 - 4 days bed rest is required No bed rest is required
6. Scars Long scars not hidden completely No scar if gland removal is not required. Just 2.5 cm fine scar for gland removal which is less than 5 % of what u get in traditional surgery. Generally, scar at Elegance clinic is given at areola-skin junction so not visible after surgery
7. The shape of chest Flat chest is given after traditional surgery given u really skinny looks At ELEGANCE we ensure that u get Perfect male chest shape with slight convexity rather than a flat chest. To ensure that we always leave a cuff of fat over your muscles
8. Cosmetic result Too much-distorted chest with skin badly adhered to your chest and Chest is flat with pitting like appearance Normal looking chest in all parts of the chest
9. Comparison to other clinic using liposuction approach by plastic surgeon Normally every plastic surgeon is not so much expert that he can do in complete awake anesthesia. They use sedation and require small hospital admission. Normal plastic surgeons use one cannula approach with single linear movements - giving rise to the highly irregular surface. The incisions used to remove gland are smaller than general surgeons still they are big enough to give you scarring in 180 degrees of the areola-skin junction. Some clinics try to remove it by nipple crossing incision which completely distorts your nipple for rest of life. Some clinic removes too much fat and gives pitting surface to patient

At ELEGANCE, Dr. Ashutosh has devised a unique technique for approaching gynecomastia. Dr. Ashutosh uses dual cannula approach placed at 90-degree angles. This approach crisscrossing of liposuction cannula movement ensuring an equal amount of fat removal from the entire chest which provides you the really regular shape of the chest in comparison of highly irregular results after normal liposuction done by normal plastic surgeons.

Gland removal is done by 60 - 80 degree cut so scar even after gland removal, the scar is 5 % of what u get in hands of normal plastic surgeons

at ELEGANCE  we have Power Liposuction Device which helps us to do best chest shaping in less time and bleeding.

10. Cost Rs 40000 - 1.25 lakh Rs 35000 - 60000 depending on grade of gynecomastia