Elegance vs Others

AT ELEGANCE our methodology is very uniqu

Dr Ashutosh Shah operates you in awake anesthesia . No unconsious state . Not even sleep inducing drugs ( sedatives ) are used at ELEGANCE . You can leave the clinic for your home within 10 – 30 minutes after completion of your surgery.
No general anesthesia drugs are used so no side effects or even 0.0001 % risk of life involved in our anesthesia. Our approach is 20 times safer than clinics using sedatives and local anesthesia . Our approach is 10 times safer than using general anesthesia .
You leave the clinic within 10 – 30 mins after your surgery is completed . No hospital admission is needed in our approach.
You can resume your office within 24 – 48 hrs of your surgery . Other approaches need 4 -5 days rest at home.
We provide you male chest instead of a flat chest provided by other clinics.
Our technique of liposuction – We perform liposuction from two ports ( holes ) to cover 360 degrees of breast with 90 degree criss cross movements. First Dr Ashutosh  performs liposuction from a hole below your breast . After that he repeats the same step (liposuction) from another hole made on the side of your breast near your arm pit . This approach makes fat removal possible from every place and no gross deformities can be observed in our cases, all of which are performed by Dr Ashutosh at ELEGANCE . Most plastic surgeons use a canula from only one port, from which movements are possible in only one direction. This can cause severe contour abnormalities in your breast .
There is less amount of bleeding and you can see in the video that surgery is performed with bloodless approach so that there are no complications due to blood loss. There is no risk of severe bleeding in Dr Ashutosh approach, in contrast to conventional ( traditional approach of subcutaneous mastectomy ) approach where the risk of bleeding in post operative period is very high.
The scar is just 1 – 1.5 cm . As seen in the video below, after 3.35 mins a very large gland is being removed through a very small incision . Our scar is 70  % lesser than traditional surgery scars . And this scar is also given at border of dark and normal skin, so that it remains hidden in future. Thus, you can say it is almost a scar less approach to gynecomastia .    

This Surgery is Traditional Surgery for Gynecomastia

  • Direct Cuts are placed in Skin or Around Areola .
  • Both fat and Gland are moved with help of blade and scissors
  • In the attempt to achieve small scar , all the cutting done by scissors is blind so very high risk of bleeding and blood collection is there in this approach
  • It is usually done under general anesthesia only in which all body muscles are paralyses and u become completely unconscious . There is risk of even life in general anesthesia in high risk patients . In low risk patients also local anesthesia ( Awake Anesthesia ) is has 20 times safety profile than general anesthesia
  • As it is done in general anesthesia . Minimum 24  – 48 Hrs operation is required
  • Best rest of 4 -5 days is required
  • More chance of bleeding so drain tubes are placed in this approach which causes raised
  • This Surgery is commonly available in all centres of india and is generally done by general surgeons and traditional plastic surgeons
  • This surgery is now outdated as It requires minimum 24 – 48 hrs of hospital admission , more risk of bleeding after operation , 4 – 5 days of complete best rest and recovery period of more than 5 – 7 days . Further this surgery is always done in general anesthesias which carries significant risk