Body Builder Gynecomastia

What is Bodybuilder Gynecomastia?

Bodybuilder gynecomastia represents one of the most frustrated demographics of men suffering with man boobs. Bodybuilders are dedicated to perfecting their physique, spending countless hours working out and eating healthy, along with taking a slew of supplements and other performance enhancers. Unfortunately, steroids and certain medications can cause hormonal fluctuations resulting in the development of excess breast tissue. Many bodybuilders think their breasts will go back to normal once they stop taking performance enhancers, but this is usually not the case.

The excess breast tissue can be localized to the area behind the areola causing the nipple to protrude. This is frequently referred to as Puffy Nipple. The tissue can also spread beyond the areola causing the breast to take on a feminine appearance. In either case, neither is acceptable to the bodybuilder who takes pride in their physical appearance.

It is always recommended to be evaluated by a medical doctor to be sure there isn't an underlying medical condition present such as breast cancer, tumors, hyperthyroidism, kidney failure, liver failure, and hypogonadism.

Do I Need Surgery?

The answer to this question can only be determined by you. When there is no medical condition present, Gynecomastia poses no health threat. This is why health insurance companies do not reimburse for male breast reduction surgery.

You have to decide if your enlarged male breasts are affecting your day to day life enough to warrant surgery. For some, even the mildest case of gynecomastia is unacceptable. Generally speaking, bodybuilders are very particular about their bodies, so surgery is usually the route they choose.