Skin Excess Gynecomastia

Skin excess gynecomastia refers to any man who has skin laxity resulting from massive weight loss, weight fluctuation, or the aging process.

Individuals who fall into the skin excess gynecomastia category range from having moderate to severe skin laxity. There is almost always a component of fatty tissue, breast tissue or both.

The majority of patients falling into this demographic had some degree of gynecomastia beforehand, but now have saggy breasts resulting from skin excess and laxity.

A man has true gynecomastia only if the breasts have a component of excess breast tissue (with or without fat) present.  If not, it is just a case of excess saggy skin.

Most of the patients Dr. Cruise treats for skin excess gynecomastia have severe breast sag and breast tissue which extends into the arm pit and around the back creating a breast roll with back roll.

Surgery to correct skin excess gynecomastia requires a skilled surgeon with an expertise in this speciality. Gynecomastia expert, Dr. Joseph Cruise, treats this type of gynecomastia on a regular basis using his advanced surgical techniques.

Do I Need Surgery?

Only you can answer this question. The decision to have gynecomastia surgery is not one of medical need, rather one of emotional need. Many men who have had success in losing significant weight are depressed about the effect it had on their body. Some men are so unhappy with the appearance of their body after surgery, that they start to regret losing the weight in the first place.

If your gynecomastia combined with sagging skin is negatively impacting your daily life, you may want to consider your surgical options.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Do you feel hopeless about your appearance?
Does it seem impossible to find clothing that can hide your problem?
Are you depressed?
Do you have low self-esteem?
Does working out & eating healthy seem pointless because it won't help?
Do you avoid intimacy?