Male Breast Enlargement - Components Causing Gynecomastia

While men are finally realizing there is an actual medical term used for male breast enlargement (what is gynecomastia?), many don't realize there are actually different components causing it, along with various treatment options for each.

There are typically three primary causes for each type male breast enlargement. There can be one issue present or a combination.

  • - Excess breast tissue
  • - Excess fat
  • - Excess skin
  • - A combination of the above

When most of us refer to man boobs, we’re generally talking about excess fat in your chest, the kind that may fit in a training bra. Right. We know you don’t want that. And for the most part, we know that excess fat in the body can be cured by a healthy dose of diet and committed exercise. That means dedication to strength training and cardio and the kind of life changes that might require you to dump all the sugary foods in your kitchen.

A lack of progress in the gym along with chest fat can indicate low testosterone levels. It wouldn’t surprise me if you said your sex drive was down also, or that you were having poor or less frequent erections (but that’s more than I need, or want, to know for this article). Your diet, while healthy on the surface, is potentially squelching your testosterone, and by default, your ability to put on muscle and lose fat.

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