Type 5 Gynecomastia - Significant Breast Roll

Breast tissue: Extends into the axilla

Nipple position: 2 cm below chest fold

Chest fold shape: Significant skin excess, breast roll extends to the back of the armpit

Most common demographic: Overweight, massive weight loss

Type 5 patients are usually those who have suffered from overweight and/or loss of weight. The severity of the problem may deteriorate with age, loss of weight or a combination of both. It's not unusual to feel hopeless and caught up in your body. Patients of type 5 are probably the happiest of all after plastic surgery. The process really changes life and often inspires people to do things in their lives that they never thought possible. There's a sense of empowerment and excitation over the future.

Gynecomastia type 5 requires extensive experience and understanding of its complexity. The horizontal excess skin and fat are often overlooked in the pit and in the breast roll. Unfortunately, it creates a strange disproportion when the chest is flattened and the armpits look bulky and the breast roll is still present when not treated or undertreated.

Surgery Information

Anesthesia: Varies. Can be performed under local anesthesia in the office or general anesthesia in an accredited outpatient facility. A recommendation will be made by Dr. Ashutosh Shah during the consultation.

Cost: Average cost $7,500 - $10,500. The cost will vary if combined w/ other procedures or performed under general anesthesia.

Recovery: 3 days for sedentary work, 4-6 weeks if the job requires heavy labor.

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