Bilateral Gynecomastia

Are you a man suffering with enlarged breasts?
Have both your breasts have developed out of proportion?
Do you feel uncomfortable to take off your shirt at the beach side?
Is your low self-esteem low because you have male moobs?
Are you looking for a permanent solution to get rid of large boobs?

If you answered – Yes to one of these questions, then you have a condition called Bilateral Gynecomastia. For men dealing with bilateral gynecomastia, the first signs are usually swollen breasts or tenderness in the breasts. Although bilateral gynaecomastia is not a severe disorder and can be cured, the discomfort and the feeling of rejection associated with it can lead to many affected men feeling disgraced and low with confidence.

Hence, to hide this condition, many of them try strange ways like wearing a lot of clothes. It is necessary to seek medical attention and take treatment to cure this problem, which causes more discomfort mentally than physically for men. Preventive measures are available to treat Gynecomastiaand thus, you should follow the doctor’s advice, which usually points towards avoiding drug abuse and excessive consumption of body-building steroids.


After evaluating the Type of Gynecomastia you are suffering with, your plastic surgeon will help you understand the procedure. Generally, the breast tissues are categorized into two kinds – Glandular tissues, which are dense and firm and Fatty tissues, which are soft.

The ratio of these both tissues varies from person to person. If the fatty tissue is excessive,Liposuction may be needed whereas if the glandular tissue is overboard then the excess of it can be surgically removed with a scalpel. At times, a combination of both surgeries may be required to treat Bilateral Gynecomastia.


This Gynecomastia surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia although local anaesthesia may be needed along with sedation. The result is immediate along with temporary scarring, swelling and bruising which fades out over the next four to six weeks. Pressure garments and pain medication will be prescribed and a healthy lifestyle will be advised. Complications are rare and not really severe. A good pre-op consultation eliminates any risk of complications.


Sore and stiff is what you will feel after the Bilateral Gynecomastia treatment is performed. Since the result of the surgery is immediate, you may experience temporary scarring.

You need to eat healthy food and take adequate rest. Avoid smoking and taking alcohol. You should keep clean. It is also important to avoid any heavy physical activity. Also while resting, lay down in a proper position, mostly upright.

Follow-up visits will be required. The surgeon will check your progress and suggest changes in your lifestyle accordingly. You have to bear in mind that the improvement will be slow but steady and you have be patient towards the changes.

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