Asymmetric Gynecomastia

A condition that is known as Asymmetrical Gynecomastia when a man's breast is larger than the other breast or when the chest is uneven. Before you begin to judge your physical conditions and conclude, you should understand one very important thing, that is. Let it be men or women, none of us have identical or equal breasts. There is a slight difference in them, and it is therefore extremely important that you seek medical care and have your case checked by our qualified surgeon - Dr. Ashutosh Shah, who is expert in Gynecomastia Surgery in Surat.

While it is known that asymmetric gynecomastia can be treated and you can get a flatter and firmer chest, image-related problems can be addressed. People who deal with this problem also suffer quite often from low self - esteem and depression. In the context of a misleading social environment, there is also fear of rejection. Uneven male breast is a common clinical finding and if you have this condition, we recommend that you stay calm and look for options that can help you. You can understand the complexions associated with this condition and make an informed choice with a pre-treatment consultation with the plastic surgeon - Dr. Ashutosh Shah.

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